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I nearly got carried away yesterday and started the process to rehome a cute poodle called Paris from Wood Green.  Luckily(?) we're not eligible because we live within 3 miles of where she was found as a stray, and one of our best doggie walks would take us over that way.

Was I crazy to think of doing this?  I would love to have a dog, particularly a poodle (because fluffy, clever, trainable, and small enough to ride in a bike basket) but I have two cats and a busy life.  And a garden it would cost a fortune to fence securely.  And a cat flap a small poodle could get out through...
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It usually takes the media up to six months to catch up with what the teenagers are up to online, and then they get it wrong.  But this piece from the Indie really seems to nail what's had the boys giggling for the last 4 days: tens of thousands of people playing a simple video game at the same time with no effective way to communicate.
It is wonderful in its way watching the crowd decision-making and resultant lurching about.  Amazingly, they are getting more forwards than backwards with little or no trolling.  Pokémon players must be an exceptionally nice bunch.  I just hope someone somewhere is doing the social science and psychology analysis on all that data. Several new religions have arisen apparently.


Feb. 7th, 2014 06:47 pm
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Oh, Humbug

Jan. 24th, 2014 09:03 am
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Caught the bugglecat snacking on spider plant yesterday. He'd mostly just played with it and only eaten a tiny bit so I just moved it out of his reach. Today he is subdued - ate only half his breakfast and none of Leicester's. Research on spider plants discovered that they are not toxic to cats, though they can cause upset tummy, but they are hallucinogenic.
It all makes sense now. Hum is an outdoor cat who spends most of his day prowling through ivy. If he snacked on random plants, he'd have killed himself long ago. But he is a total drug fiend. He also has a delicate digestion that's been set off by reputable brands of cat food. I will keep him inside today and keep an eye on him but I expect he'll soon be back to what passes for normal.
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Have a good holiday and enjoy 2014 from all the Monkeys and one of [livejournal.com profile] themonkeycats.  Leicester disapproves of apes taking selfies but it wouldn't be Christmas without a Bah Humbug..
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Message from Cambridge Youth Opera (featuring Spider as bass chorus)...

If you are around the Grand Arcade this afternoon, we will be performing Amahl and the Night Visitors twice, sometime around 1pm and then again at 3pm. Please come and support your friends!
There is also a performance in St Augustine's Church on Richmond Rd on 08 December at 6pm. This will be a much calmer way to enjoy the whole show! There is no charge for this performance, though there will be a retiring collection at the end.
The small cast have done wonders in a very short time and it promises to be a lovely show.
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The poetry chapter of AA100 is rolling round again so I'm rereading the Faber Book of Beasts.  Every year I marvel at

My Cat Jeoffry by Christopher Smart

Written in 17something when Smart was confined for insanity.  Best. Cat. Poem. Ever.

My favourite lines today:

For, tho he cannot fly, he is an excellent clamberer...

For he is an instrument for the children to learn benevolence upon...

For the divine spirit comes about his body to sustain it in complete cat...

For by stroaking of him I have found out electricity...

And the one in the subject line, of course.
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Cream tea and Chinese stew at the marquisate at the weekend.  Lots of lovely people were there, including friendly furries.

Something for [livejournal.com profile] la_marquise_de_ to look at while she's in forn parts...

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I'm on my own today with another medical translation, but taking time off for this and perhaps more.  Anyone want to join me?  It would be nice to have company.
Miranda is fun, and so are the texts she's talking about.  She's also battling at the moment to convince admissions that people do not always flee when they hear the word 'medieval', so support for the talk would help a good cause.

Where wolf? Sidgwick Site
When snake women? 1pm

Where other monkeys?  Birmingham uni open day and Comic Con.
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Off to Norwich today so it really must be autumn.  4 hours travel for 2 hours of teaching, but I enjoy working with my colleague there, travel is paid for, I get a lot done on the train, and the whole thing means I have zero preparation to do for running the same tutorial on my own with a Cambridge group the next evening.  So it's not as inefficient as it sounds.

This year for the first time I'm also teaching a course on English for Academic Purposes, but that one is entirely online - luckily since my group is in Bristol.
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Another episode in the tragicomedy of Mr. Gove...

Squirrel has brought home a letter from Monkey Federation Academies TM.  That Maths GCSE he was going to take next month so he could get it over with and concentrate on Additional Maths?  Cancelled. Thanks to Gove's campaign to raise standards, 60 kids at MFA will now be learning less Maths rather than more.

Mr. Gove has ruled that only the first sitting of any subject GCSE can be counted towards a school's league table place.  So the school has decided not to risk early exams at all.  Better to wait until June, when they'll have had more Maths lessons, and bugger the Additional Maths since it's not a GCSE and doesn't get counted towards anything (apart from being massively helpful for Maths A Level next year).
Thing is, kids can sit GCSE as many times as they like and still keep the best result - it's just the school that has to stick with the first grade awarded. The conflict of interests is as obvious as it is unhelpful.  The school has made it clear they are pissed off but all they have to suggest is 'Write to your MP'.  Maths geek kids are talking about protests and lesson boycotts.  Maths geek parents have yet to react.  Personally, I'm planning to sigh a lot and have a hot bath.

Dear Mr. Gove,
Did you ever think that maybe the reason schools want multiple shots at the 'same' exam is because the marking and grading have become so erratic?  Might it help to make the system more predictable rather than less?  Maybe?  Or that it might be helpful to consult on new ideas for a minimum of 5 minutes before implementing them?  No, of course not.  Why would you?
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Just back from 5 hours in A and E. P came off his bike as he was turning into the driveway. He can't move his shoulder but the good news is that it's only bruised, not dislocated. The less good news is he's going to need lifts and bus to get him to college for a while, which means earlier starts in the mornings.
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Travellers have set up camp on the farm next door. It belongs to the university who are determined to evict asap and will probably succeed. Wonder what happens next...
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From an unreal uni colleague: a post about computing that I want to be able to find again.

All I can say in defence of my own computer 'skills' is that at least I know I hardly have any.
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Have just found and ordered a set like the ones he had before from here.  These are what Action on Hearing Loss used to sell before they switched supplier.  A bit pricey due to ordering from US, but really not too bad as they do free international postage :)  So the problem is pretty much solved now though I'm always happy to gather knowledge for another time if anyone has suggestions, especially on feasibility of assembling custom headphones. If that something we could do ourselves with a bit of kit - Spider being good with wiring and hands?

Please can anyone help me buy or build something so Spider can listen to music happily?

Read more... )
Does anyone know of somewhere I could still buy the old version with a hook and a proper earbud that goes inside his ear?

Or would it be possible to modify the ones from Action by replacing the flat earpiece with an earbud from another set of headphones?

I'm willing to buy several headphones or pay extra for work as it means a lot to him. He loves music and he liked the old headset so much it almost made up for being deaf in one ear. Not having it any more is making him sad.

ow shiny

Aug. 12th, 2013 06:43 pm
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Foot still hurts though much less than over the weekend.I can move rooms without preliminary planning or painkillers but will not be leaving house for a while. On the plus side I have a new tablet to play with as I sit with my feet up. Know any good free games? I already have fallen London and bubbles...

feet up

Aug. 9th, 2013 12:16 pm
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Dodgy mole removed from foot. Two weeks of no cycling, no driving and as little walking as possible Am planning lazy weekend followed by translation binge - but also hoping I won't have to be as strict as they say for the full 2 weeks.
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Went for a walk along the fields / North West Cambridge Development Phase 2 site and found this.  He seemed to be making his way back to the monkey house, and it wasn't even raining!

He followed me home.

Can I keep him?

As usual after one of his camping trips, he's being extra cuddly and loving.  Until next time...

mostly back

Aug. 6th, 2013 08:45 pm
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We're home after a lovely week in Spain.  Leicester and [livejournal.com profile] tamaranth  ave taken good care of the house but Humbug has buggled off again, not to anyone's great surprise since the weather is still lovely.  Not really expecting to see him again until we get some heavy rain, though I've been round the fields calling to let him know we're around again...

Will need a day or two to catch up, but we had fun away and now it's good to be back.


Jul. 23rd, 2013 10:45 am
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Humbug didn't come home last night and a neighbour spotted him most of the way to Thorndyke.  I'm sure he was planning a camping trip.  But he changed his mind and came home in the early morning.  Nothing to do with the MASSIVE thunderstorms rolling across Girton ;)

He came in at 3.30, complaining bitterly about injustice to kitties.  Squirrel saw and heard him.


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