Oh, Humbug

Jan. 24th, 2014 09:03 am
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Caught the bugglecat snacking on spider plant yesterday. He'd mostly just played with it and only eaten a tiny bit so I just moved it out of his reach. Today he is subdued - ate only half his breakfast and none of Leicester's. Research on spider plants discovered that they are not toxic to cats, though they can cause upset tummy, but they are hallucinogenic.
It all makes sense now. Hum is an outdoor cat who spends most of his day prowling through ivy. If he snacked on random plants, he'd have killed himself long ago. But he is a total drug fiend. He also has a delicate digestion that's been set off by reputable brands of cat food. I will keep him inside today and keep an eye on him but I expect he'll soon be back to what passes for normal.
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Went for a walk along the fields / North West Cambridge Development Phase 2 site and found this.  He seemed to be making his way back to the monkey house, and it wasn't even raining!

He followed me home.

Can I keep him?

As usual after one of his camping trips, he's being extra cuddly and loving.  Until next time...


Jul. 23rd, 2013 10:45 am
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Humbug didn't come home last night and a neighbour spotted him most of the way to Thorndyke.  I'm sure he was planning a camping trip.  But he changed his mind and came home in the early morning.  Nothing to do with the MASSIVE thunderstorms rolling across Girton ;)

He came in at 3.30, complaining bitterly about injustice to kitties.  Squirrel saw and heard him.
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Where is Humbug?  Here he is!

He's not actually dead.  Just sleeping off his Big Adventure.  (He was a lot more tangled 30 mins before this was taken.)  See previous post for details.


Jul. 9th, 2013 09:42 am
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I found Humbug last night.  Decided to have one more try at going to sit in his new garden and wait for him.  This time I played games on my phone instead of reading, largely in the hope that the game music would attract him.  (If you know Humbug this makes a kind of sense.)

After only a minute or two of the Bubbles theme, there was a plaintive meep from a patch of nettles that had been resoundingly silent when I called and coaxed and chatted to it 5 minutes earlier.  In fact, there was so much plaintive meeping that I wondered if there was a baby out in the garden next door.  Then out he came!  To all appearances he was delighted to see me, made a big fuss of me, wanted his tummy scritched, and his ears scritched, and purred and purred and PURRED.  'Oh Apemum, thank Bast I've found you!  Why did you abandon me?' Etc.  He seems to think I won't notice that he did tha abandoning and has clearly been sitting in those nettles laughing at us all the other times we've gone round there calling and looking.

Anyway.  Brought him home (thanks to Musique and blubox), fed him pilchards, combed out his many tangles.  He found an old catnip bag - he normally spurns all but the freshest and strongest - sniffed it a couple of times, rolled over on his back and passed out.  That was one tired kitty. Photo soon.

Leicester wasn't sure about all this.  He kept sniffing Humbug and Humbug things like he couldn't quite believe it, and he hissed at the Bug once and bopped him on the head.  Can't say I blame him.But peace was quickly restored.

Hum was very cuddly tonight.  Perhaps foolishly, I have let him out this morning.  I don't want him to think of the Monkey House as that nasty place where we shut him in.  (Though we do at night, which he hates.)  I hope he comes back.  At least he now has a collar with TWO bells on it.  This is partly to give the last surviving moorhen at Thorndyke a chance, partly to make it harder to catch the bunnies, so more tempting to come home for fudz, and partly in hopes of making it easier to know when he's lurking the the nettles laughing at us.  The problem with all these plans is that fluff is very good at silencing bells..

It's so good to see and cuddle his Fluffiness again and know that he's healthy.  Wish us luck for hanging on to him please!

Updated at 10.04
He's just come in - yay! - snaffled some crunch fudz and jingled off up the stairs.  Looks like he's planning to crash out in the spare lair room while it's hot out :)

Meanwhile Leicester is doing his usual fine weather routine: out for a bit, come in and tell me about it, out again.  Repeat until nap time and then repeat again until dinner time.


Jul. 8th, 2013 12:56 pm
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Humbug's new home?

There's 5 acres of this.  It seems Humbug is in there somehwere.  Probably.

I've tried walking round calling and rustling sachets of gushy fudz.  I've tried sitting still reading a paper he might want to sit on.  Nothing.  Not a whisker.  But the owners have seen him again and they're sure it was him and he was well.

I reckon he's forgotten all about us.  Can only hope he decides to come home when the weather changes or something reminds him we exist.  In the meantime, I'll keep dropping round in hopes of spotting him and maybe making contact.  Last time, he seemed really keen to come home with us, but only after 10 minutes of not knowing who we were and being scared of us. 
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Humbug showed up at Thorndyke again at 9am.  (Though he was nowhere to be seen when I went looking for him at 4am.)

Unfortunately I was in London at a useful Chemistry uni fair with Spider so I didn't get the email until this afternoon on the train coming home.  Musique went to look, but no Bug.  Of course.

However, it's very cheering to know that he's fit and well.  I suppose he could be lost,but I think if he can find his way to Thorndyke he can find his way home.

Possibly, because he is a Bug of Very Little Brain, he has forgotten about home.  With hindsight, I think that's what happened last time - he'd forgotten who we were, was scared of us, then got to know as again, remembered about mattresses and food bowls and cat nip and was delighted to come home with us.  Leicester is rolling his eyes as I type.

I shall take a stroll down to Thorndyke when the weather cools off enough for fluffcats to be active...

Not Humbug

Jul. 5th, 2013 01:15 pm
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The kind people at the Agronomy Centre behind the Traveller's Rest are really trying to help us find Humbug.  They took a photo of the black and white fluffy cat who's a regular there.  It's a different black and white fluffball, with a white face.  Not Humbug.

This is worrying.  It means the last confirmed sighting was Monday night at Thorndyke.  It also removes most of the evidence that he knows his way around the area too well to get lost.

Really worried now.

Moving up to full-on-flyers-and-posters cat searching.

Buggled off

Jul. 3rd, 2013 02:37 pm
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The Beast of Girton is on walkabout.  Lock up your poultry.

When I went to collect Humbug from Thorndyke he wasn't there.  He was definitely there most of last week (when he was still coming home at night) and on Monday night (when he wasn't), but not last night.  They're sure because their own cat was out for several hours last night, which isn't possible when Humbug is around to bully him :(  Also there were lots of cute little bunnies hopping about unmolested.

Worried that poor Humbug, having failed to find food and shelter with the nice physicist, had wandered further and got even more lost, I've been tramping the fields, strictly private no entry tracks and farm buildings in the area.  No Humbug, but some interesting conversations.  It seems Humbug thinks nothing of crossing the parish boundary into Cambridge at least as far down as the Traveller's Rest.  He's a regular at the little business park behind there.

In many ways this is reassuring.  We know he was confirmed alive and well on Monday night, and that he knows his way around a much wider area than previously thought.  So if he's not coming home, it's probably just because he doesn't want to.  We'll just have to accept that he is a Cat (or possibly Muppet) Who Walks Alone and he will come back when he is ready.  So I'm much less anxious and doomy.  But I miss him!  We all miss him.

Oh, Humbug

Jul. 3rd, 2013 09:51 am
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The Bugglecat never came in on Monday night, or since. Emails to the elderly physicist in the mansion opposite the garage reveal that The Beast of Girton has struck again.

That bloody fluffball has killed all their ducks (who have co-existed peacefully with multiple cats for years) and is now terrorising the resident cat, a gentle and nervous Birman.  I can only hang my head in shame and promise to put a collar and bell on him (again) if I can ever manage to get hold of him.  I've also offered to provide them with a supersoaker ;-)  Wish me luck as I head down the road with a cat carrier and an apologetic expression later this morning.

He can't be properly lost as he's been seen there during days when he was coming home at night and scoffing down cat food.  At the time I thought that meant he hadn't been hunting.  Should have realised it meant he'd been hunting birds instead of bunnies.  He's never figured out how to get the feathers off.  Now the birds are all dead, he's back to bunnies, hence not hungry enough to come home.


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