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Yesterday we walked to Girton in the snow to view a house, and fell in love with it.

Today, monkey boys boarded a coach in the snow and drove off to terrorise entertain Parisians for a week with the Monkey Federation Academies Orchestra and Choir. This includes a day at Disneyland singing Happy Songs in One-Part Harmony (i.e. everyone sings pretty much the same thing but not in the same octave). Monkey boys will be in the row of scowling basses at the back. On Wednesday, which is forecast to be -15C in Paris. Luckily they are not brass monkeys, even the brass-playing one. Does anyone know if Disneyland is likely to close rides in that weather? Because if they have to sing Happy Songs without a rollercoaster ride to make up for it, there is going to be trouble...

And big grown-up monkeys put an offer on the house! There is another interested party, but not a cash buyer this time. The vendor wants to move to Scotland fast, so it seems we are now in a race of time rather than money. Where we were planning to put the Monkey House on the market after half term, we are now putting it on today! I have 24 hours to redecorate Squirrel's room and tidy up our clutter. Oh, and it's a heavy marking week. So don't expect to see any monkeys for a while. (Unless, of course, we loose this house too and it all goes quiet again...)

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Please send bike-hastening and dead-poet-appeasing vibes at 8pm tonight.
Here's why... )

It would also be helpful if you could wish for nobody to break a string, and for Spider to refrain from chewing gum on stage in front of the Headteacher like he did last year.
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If you go to the Cambridge Mill Road Winter fair on Saturday (I'm not, due to teaching in Norwich), please try to drop by Hope St Yard around 1.30 to encourage the Monkey School Orchestra.

They'll be freezing their bits off playing a selection of seasonal tunes, plus those Christmassey Pirates of the Christmassey Caribbean. Outdoors. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Spare a special thought for the monkey brass section.

When I heard them in Lion Yard, they were very good, but I'm not sure what sub-zero temperatures will do for their tuning and coordination.
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There's a big choir concert tomorrow evening--several Cambridge choirs and a choir from the German twin town, and all three of my monkey boys, even [livejournal.com profile] musique_monkey ! (Squirrel's in there anyway. Spider joined because he can't play guitar with a broken finger and it's music. Then musique was giving them a lift and they were short of basses... Wish I could sing!)

They'll be singing this:

The one sad thing about all three male monkeys singing in the same choir is I'll be all on my own in the audience. Anyone want to join me? They sound really good. Also: drinks.

Concert is 6.30pm on Saturday 8th, at Emmanuel United Reformed Church on Trumpington St, with some kind of reception at afterwards at 8.  Oh, and its free.  This is what European Cultural Funding gets spent on.


Apr. 13th, 2010 04:13 pm
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Poor [livejournal.com profile] musique_monkey went to the Salisbury club on Mill Rd to attend the allotment society AGM on my behalf. (I was doubly excused as I would have been teaching in Norwich if I had't been floored by tonsillitis.)

As a reward, he had his bike stolen. Again. The last one was stolen just after Christmas (in broad daylight, from just outside Ken Stevens music shop). And that was a replacement for the one stolen last summer! As you can imagine, with a history like that, he'd been careful to chain it to a railing in a well lit area, but it was a well lit area on Mill Rd, near a bus stop. Some time between 8 and 9.30 some bugger took the bike, the lock, everything.

None of his bikes has been anything special, but this morning he went to Cycle King, and bought the cheapest, most ordinary looking bike in the shop. And a D lock.
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The Parkside Federation Orchestra, featuring the Not So Little Monkeys, set forth boldly this morning to bring Christmas cheer to Cambridge shoppers (and collect money to pay for PFO sweatshirts).
The music teacher had arranged permission for them to play outside the Guildhall. Rain being even worse for violins than for Small Monkeys, they huddled next to the Guildhall, under the concrete colonnade of Lion Yard.
"Ho, ho, ho, Little Monkeys," said the Jolly Fat Security Woman. "You can't stand under there in the dry because it's private property. You'll have to stand six paces forward where the rain can get at you."
So they did. With various large, kind monkeys holding umbrellas over the little monkeys with wooden instruments.

PFO busking

"This is still not good," said the Jolly Fat Security Woman. "If you stand in front of the colonnade, you obstruct the pavement.  It's not up to me. I don't make the rules and my boss won't come out in the wet, but I'm going to have to inform the police. And they will move you on. Or arrest you. Yes they will."
"Fine!" said assorted, stroppy, large monkeys. "Bring 'em on. The Cambridge Evening News will just love this and it'll be great publicity for the orchestra. Though maybe not so good for your boss and Lion Yard."
"That's not up to me," said the Jolly Fat Security Woman. "I have to call the police."
"Look!" said [livejournal.com profile] woolymonkey. "I have a camera. It takes videos too.!"
It's amazing how fast a jolly fat security woman can move. We didn't see her again until she came back to say how very very happy she was that the orchestra could now play under cover of the colonnade.
"But next time, you need a proper permit from the council."
So the band played on while the shoppers shopped and the parents clapped and cheered. They played Jingle Bells.  They played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  And Instant Concert and Merry Christmas Everybody...  And everyone got very very cold and possibly a bit grumpy.
Then we went home to thaw out.
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There's a petition to make Mill Rd safer here.

Please go sign if you haven't already!


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