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Oct. 28th, 2010 06:55 pm
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It's a busy half term this term. And I'm still working too, so apologies if I miss things on LJ as I'm only reading patchily.

Monkeys have bought a new car (used Skoda Octavia estate) with much visiting of dealers and haggling, not least with Squirrelmonkey who offered to rent out his bedroom so we could buy something with real leather seats. But we didn't.

Humbug has discovered he is volcanically intolerant of Hills Science Diet dry food. After few days of mess and droopy, dehydrated kitty, he is now on the mend, and on an even more expensive brand. We haven't pinned down the ingredient responsible but the likeliest suspects are linseeds, which would also account for the time he hunted and ate one of those suet bird feeders with similar results.

Leicester has killed a collared dove and at least one mouse. He is very proud. He also enjoys being back on Royal Canin brand kitten food. He was fine on Science Diet, but he didn't like it much.

Teen monkeys spent 2 days at a music workshop with other members of the Cambridge Youth Orchestra, and visiting musicians from City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, where they improvised and played pieces based on bits of Rachmaninov's 2nd symphony. It was dead impressive.

We all played Carcassonne with [livejournal.com profile] bugshaw .  It was lots of fun, but monkeys seem to need 2-3 times as long to finish a game as it says on the packet.  Must remember this for future planning.

Speedy has finally gone into hibernation.  Probably on Oct 26th.

Tomorrow we set out for Sussex, coming back on Sunday pm.  This will be the last proper trip in the old car.  We collect the new one on Friday 5th.


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