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I can't remember if I posted about the workshop the monkeys did at half term with City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, but it was wonderful and there's now a video on YouTube.

You can see the monkeys if you look, though they're keeping an unusually low profile (and definitely skiving off the embarrassing music and movement bit). Don't be fooled by the shots of Squirrel yawning. He loved it, but when he's enjoying classical music, he gets sleepy. The more he likes it, the sleepier he gets. At home, he likes to fall asleep to the sound of loud brass ensembles.  The CBSO concert on Thursday was wonderful--see [livejournal.com profile] tamaranth for review.

I'm not around much just now, either on lj or in real social life. Monkey music activities are gearing up for Christmas--I've lost track of the concerts and rehearsals they/we have to be at, but I know it would be even more except that some of them clashed.  Thursday was CBSO day; Friday they played in two concerts with two different orchestras each; Saturday the orchestra was busking in Lion Yard, followed by afternoon rehearsal, followed by a visit from their French Nana and my lovely French Godmother, so they played lots more music for them--but mostly guitars, since they were demoing what they spend their cash on.  Today they are missing a carol service with their choir so they can tour local retirement homes with the school orchestra....

As a break from all that we had a wonderful day out near Thetford. Teen monkeys went to Viking Laser, where they had a great time. If you know anyone who'd enjoy outdoor combat armed with TV remote controls, this is the place to do it. Meanwhile, middle-aged monkeys had a lovely walk, mostly along the Peddars Way, and a stop at The Chequers in Thompson. We knew nothing about the pub except where it was, and it turned out to be a real find. The very best kind of old fashioned pub. We'll be back!

Today, I'm getting ready for a late tutorial in Norwich, another in Cambridge on Wednesday (during the school concert--grrrrr) and a medium-sized pile of marking.  I'll wave from time to time, but I may well miss stuff on lj.  If you want me to know something, please email or phone.
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To be honest, we're all a bit stunned that Christmas is here already. (Well, not squirrelmonkey – he's been counting down.) So to ease us gently into the annual news round up, here's a picture of the monkey family on Christmas Eve. The tortoise is hibernating and one of the cats is hiding, but otherwise, everyone's there.
xmas eve 2 2008

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] tamaranth for taking the photo.

This week's news round up
We went to Shepreth Wildlife Park, painted the downstairs toilet white, put up some blinds, fixed some bugs, and did lots of cooking.

Big news from squirrelmonkey (aka bob_the_ninja, aka Dragon Games)!
His homebrewed computer games are now available to play here. Please take a look - he'd love to get some comments.

News roundup since last Christmas (familiar to regular readers) )

If you want more Monkey News, browse the journal or click on the tags. If you want more photos, let me know and I'll email you an invitation to photobucket.
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This year we’re trying out a new way to keep in touch, so this is a long post with a year’s worth of Monkey House news for our non-livejournal-using friends and family.  
If you’ve followed the email link and this is your first visit to livejournal, WELL DONE! You can read most of the journal without logging on or having a livejournal account yourself – you can even leave comments. So please browse around and see what you think. If you like it enough to get an account (which is free and harmless) you can get access to more personal posts and to photos we hope to put up soon.

If you think livejournal is a good way to keep in touch, let us know and we’ll do more of it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008 to everyone!


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