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Mixed result from Spider's latest ear appointment at Addenbrookes.
He has significant hearing loss in his right ear, which isn't likely to improve.
But it isn't getting worse either. We thought it was, so this is happy news.

Another appointment in May to decide whether he has another op to try to rebuild the eardrum. They tried this once but he got an infection just when it was almost healed, so it ended up full of holes.
This would be unlikely to restore normal hearing but it would allow him to swim without getting ear infections, and therefore reduce the risk of long term deterioration. On the other hand, there is a small risk of making things worse or messing up his sense of taste. He's a big monkey now so it's his decision.

The reason for deciding in April is he wouldn't want the op until after GCSEs so he can't go on the waiting list yet as he'd be on it for ove 18 weeks, thus earning Addenbrookes a black mark. It's good to have an extra appointment to discuss it again, but can't really be efficient to use up appointment slots purely to manage waiting list targets. Can it?

When we were walking home, it was snowing.
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Sorry not to be around much. That fungal ear infection is proving bloody hard to shift. After yet another GP appointment, I'm on systemic fungicide--more Gardener's World than ER--and hoping this'll be the one that kills it. Meanwhile work is gathering business as my courses get started. Must remember to wipe the shiny ointment off my face before I go and teach tonight.

Squirrel is busy busy busy with late rehearsals and now performances of Oliver every night this week. He's home just long enough to eat something at 4.30. After that he's locked in the Mumford theatre--no food allowed, only water--until after 10pm.

Spider and I went to see An Inspector Calls at the Arts Theatre last night, just the 2 of us partly because of Oliver and mostly because tickets ain't cheap. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it all that much, just going really because it seemed only fair that Spider should have a chance to see his one of his GCSE texts performed and see what live theatre on an actual stage is like. It was great! Really inventive and appropriate set design and fantastic performances that made me think again about Priestly's characters. (I'd dismissed them as 2D ciphers, which they are up to a point, but clearly there's scope to bring out different aspects to them.) If you're in Cambridge, I really recommend seeing this. It's on until Saturday and seemed to have a few seats free. I overheard some Arts regulars saying it was the best thing they'd seen there in years.

ETA. I recommend Oliver! too, obviously, but I know it's completely sold out.

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Sep. 28th, 2011 07:40 pm
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My ears seem to be on the mend, slowly. I'm still deaf and uncomfortable and will have to go on dosing them with drops for at least another 18 days, but they do seem to be mending. However...

... the sodding fungal infection has migrated to my nostrils, my scalp, and my eyebrows. I didn't even know that was possible. So now I have prescription ointment and prescription shampoo to go with the two kinds of prescription ear drops and the pills.

I really hope this clears up before my first tutorials--Mon and Wed. On the plus side, I have not yet quite run out of Iain M Banks to reread. (Can u gess witch 1 Im reedin 2day?). Also Bollywood with [livejournal.com profile] la_marquise_de_was most therapeutic.

ETA It's only candida, so I shouldn't pose a risk to others unless your immune system is also screwed by other illness and/or antibiotics.
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Spent much of yesterday at Addenbrooke's Ear Nose and Throat Clinic for spidermonkey's annual hearing and ear drum check. Ear drum is healthy (though it "will frighten your GP") and hearing is only very slightly down--exactly the same as last year. So all is well enough to continue leaving it alone. This is good.

We spent a lot of time sitting in front of a door with a sign on it that said


I'm not sure why, but I know this made my inner etymologist very happy.

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Spidermonkey and I just came back from another trip to the hospital ear clinic.  It's mostly good news.


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