Mar. 1st, 2014 05:55 pm
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Humbug, the Beast of Girton and Bane of Bunnies, still hunts sticks. This makes me happy.
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Speedy is up.  Sort of.

With spring so cold and late he wisely stayed deep in his box in the shed way past his normal wake-up time of late March.  A week ago, I moved the box into the greenhouse so he could get a bit of warmth to help him start.

When I took a peek, I discovered he had clawed his way out of the small box of straw (in which he returned from [ profile] bugshaw and [ profile] tamaranth's where he spent last summer in comfort and luxury) and got into the big, outer box of straw.  This is not ideal since the whole point of the double box is to keep him in the middle of the insulation.  By following his instinct to go deeper when cold he ended up down in one corner of the whole package, almost outside the straw.  But since the big box was on top of an old rabbit hutch and inside the shed, maybe he actually knew what he was doing and found the warmest least chilly place.  Either way, he managed to rip an impressive hole through some quite tough cardboard and gaffer tape, all while supposedly hibernating.  Final proof of what I've suspected for a while: he doesn't hibernate  like a mammal but remains quite active, digging his way up and down underground as the temperature varies.

Anyway, today he came out of the box (with only a little encouragement).  I was all for giving him a gentle start and a day or two in the greenhouse, but [ profile] musique_monkey wanted to put him in his new enclosure on the lawn (constructed at great effort and expense) so that's where he is.  We left him in the rabbit hutch on a big pile of straw, but he looked as though he was starting to move out.  He has some lettuce but probably won't feel like eating until he's been up a week or two.

If he decides to adopt the hutch we will either have to take the letters off it or change his name to Sooty.

one year on

Apr. 3rd, 2013 09:48 pm
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We've been in the new monkey house a year now.  It still doesn't feel normal - the house is not normal - but it's starting to feel... familiar.  And still good.

It doesn't feel like a whole year, but that may be partly because the cold spring means the garden is nowhere near back round to the same stage it was in when we first arrived.

Celebrated with takeaway from Cafe Naz.  We got delivery from there on our first night, last year when musique_monkey was still ill enough to let htem deliver.  Now he insists on collecting it himself.  Tastes good either way.
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Something very odd is happening to [ profile] themonkeycats.  

When we lived in central Cambridge, Leicester was the mighty hunter.  He was never very good at birds, luckily, but could easily catch several mice a day.  Meanwhile Humbug lunged uselessly at squirrels, admired Leicester's mice (but lost any he was left in charge of) and proudly brought home an assortment of sticks, polystyrene and litter, which he would haul over the trellis and build into trophy piles on the patio.  Now he's morphing into The Beast of Girton, out all day prowling the undergrowth.  We thought the woodpigeon was fluke and the mouse was impressive, but I just looked up to see him lolloping home with a magpie clamped in his jaws!  It flew off when I stopped him bringing it in through the window and is sitting in a tree apparently unharmed but very, very indignant.  i think this may be war.

Leicester is puzzled but grudgingly impressed.   Not to mention grateful since he was allowed to eat the woodpigeon and the mouse.  As far as I know, he hasn't caught anything himself yet though he spends a lot of time watching the bird table in hope. I suspect he'll learn to catch the bunnies at the bottom of the garden, but I'm not sure he even knows about them yet. He's well settled now, though.  He's successfully seen off the 6 cats from the farm.  It was all very civilised with hardly any body contact, but it's now established that Leicester is allowed to go where he likes, at least in his own garden and the student house on the other side.  When he meets any of the others they either withdraw to the farm or exchange polite chit chat about the weather.

The Beast of Girton doesn't really bother with cat encounters.  Sometimes he gets attacked by Charles, the top farm cat, but he knows he can scream for help and Leicester will come running to protect him.  Maybe the dead birds are a kind of payment...
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What kind of a person gets 100% in a Maths exam* but spells his own name wrong on the cover sheet?

That's the kind of person spidermonkey is.

Meanwhile, squirrel spent the weekend at two friends' birthday parties, with a sleepover at more friends in between. Basically a weekend-long geekfest for the Monkey Academy Nerd Table boys (aka 'The Table'). I'm not sure what they did but the items he requested delivered for the unscheduled sleepover are revealing.
PJs: no
change of clothes: no
toothbrush: no
D&D rules: yes

Also, there is a greater spotted woodpecker on the bird feeder right outside the window! I love living here.

*Not the actual GCSE Maths exam, just a practice paper.
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We're getting settled into the new monkey house and musique_monkey is feeling much, much better. This is all very good.

"But what you really want to hear about is cats, isn't it? )

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Look what we found in the garden the other morning.

ice spike 1
It had formed all by itelf in a bowl I leave out to catch rainwater. I've heard of people getting these to form on purpose in freezers but I've never seen a natural one. It was big! That's a salad bowl.
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Flood in cellar: fixed.
It was us. Plumber eventually found a faulty bit of copper pipe under the very middle of the kitchen floor (after he'd taken up most of the rest of the floor). I got quite wet just leaning over to look at the hole.

Spidermonkey's options interview: survived
Head did not bollocks either of us and it looks as though he can probably do his first choices--basically loadsa science plus art and music.  Probably.

Work: frantic
Behind with tutorial prep.  Huge pile of urgent marking arrives at noon tomorrow.  Large urgent translation arrived at 3 today...

Garden: ready for spring
We painted 10 panels of trellis green.  Now we just need Paul to come and fix them to the top of the walls before the plants grow any taller.

Kittens: still cute
They've been exploring the rest of the house and getting trained in helping apes have breakfast, watch TV, answer the doorbell etc.  Have some pics...

desk kitty 1
Humbug being a computer lapcat

zipper 1
Leicester investigating the zip on my jumper


Mar. 17th, 2009 11:43 am
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Back in mid-October, when I wasn't really paying attention, Speedy the tortoise put himself to bed.

On Sunday, a little hole opened up and we saw his nose and (closed) eye, like so:

15-03-09 nose

Yesterday, he was like this:

16-03-09 tentative

And today...

17-03-09 up

He's eating a bit already and moving all of 8 inches from his burrow, which is more than he usually manages in the first week out of his nice box in the shed. I reckon he prefers to look after his own hibernation. Now we have a tortoise-proof garden and don't anticipate moving house for many years, I'm inclined to let him do just that. But I'll go on taking photos of where he buries himself and posting them here. I'd never have spotted him on Monday if I hadn't checked October's pic.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:01 am
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When we woke up, everything was white, the back door was open, and there was a note on the table from squirrelmonkey saying, "I may be gone some time. Playing outside in snow."

Now both schools are closed and there are excited monkeys of assorted sizes having snowball fights everywhere.

The garden looks like this.

snow in garden 1

(Note no footprints although squirrelmonkey was out there quite recently assembling the dirty snowball by the shed. It is falling FAST.)

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Nothing exciting really: life has been carrying on pretty smoothly.  But for those who want more detail…



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Looked out of my kitchen window this morning to see a big, bright red and orange snake slithering along the base of the garden wall.    (This is soggy, chilly East Anglia, not the Nevada desert.  Residents of hot, snake-infested places stop reading now: you will not find this anywhere near as exciting as I did.) 


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