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Help please!  The Monkey Academies Federation Orchestra are playing Harry Potter tunes at the school arts event.  That much we've known for a while.  But now the music teacher has decided they should do it in 'wizardy clothes'.  Performances are Wed and Thur of next week and they're supposed to have the costumes ready for a rehearsal TOMORROW.  Morning.  At 9am.

Bugger tomorrow morning, but does anyone have anything we could use for Wed and Thur please?  We can probably collect it from you if you're in Cambridge, or you could drop it at either work or school (Regent St or Parkside).

I'm not expecting you to have the full Dumbledore tucked away in the loft, or lend it out if you did, but anything remotely suitable would be very much appreciated as we chucked out all our dressing up stuff in the move.  A cheapo halloween pointy hat or an academic gown would be perfect. 

Anything?  Please?
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Squirrel has not found his PE shirt, but has lost his English folder.

While looking for these, he found Spider's PE bag (under a chair in the maths room). On inspection at home, this turned out to contain
  • tracksuit bottoms belonging to 'Emily Dutton'
  • PE shirt belonging to 'JOL'
But absolutely none of
  • Spider's brand new tracksuit bottoms (named)
  • Spider's brand new jumper (named)
  • Spider's shorts (named)
  • Spider's shirt (named and logoed)

Emily and JOL, I'm very sorry. Spider is back at school now, putting your kit in lost property and trying to find some of his own. I reckon we can pick up a horrible smelly, nameless shirt from the piles on the floor of the changing room, and there's a pair of scuzzy, too-small tracksuit bottoms he can go back to wearing. Or he can do PE in his underwear on Parker's Piece. 

But what on earth can I do to get his kit back and keep it back? I put in an hour last week chasing down the two remaining items (now gone with the rest). He can't afford to pay for new kit, but I'm considering docking his pocket money by a few pence per missing item per week. Or do I just accept that the school lets everyone wear anyone's kit, so my disorganised child will always have the last item off the floor on any given day?

He found the jumper.  Now he's not talking to me because I suggested perhaps he shouldn't take his guitar into school until he's shown he can take care of less valuable items.


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