Dec. 16th, 2012 01:16 pm
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What we planned to do today:
3 hours of Hobbit then lunch at Nando's.  Spider and his friends in one group on a bithday treat and the rest of us with grown up friends.  

What we are doing instead:
Lots of phone calls to cancel, followed by trip to the out-of-hours doctor who also thinks it may be appendicitis, but also isn't sure.  She gave him the option of going to Addenbrookes for a blood test or coming back home to see what happens next and promising to go straight to A&E or call an ambulance if it gets worse.  Since that is also what Addenbrookes would tell him to do if the test was negative, he's decided to come back and try to eat some lunch.  I just hope we don't end up in A&E with the late night festive drunks.

I liked the first plan better.  On the plus side, Picturehouse were great.  They refunded all the tickets and also the membership we paid for at the same time.   Yay Picturehouse!
(If anyone else is about to book, they also advised against seeing the Hobbit in 3D unless you can also see it at the faster frame rate.  They have 2D or 3D screenings, but at the traditional frame rate.)
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This week has been mostly An Unexpected Job.  Have just finished draft of Dullest Translation Ever.  Thought it was going to be conference abstracts, but it turned out to be nothing but glossed up CVs of the contributors plus opening and closing speeches.  Now I have to do the bilingual proofread, which is dull at the best of times.  Cannot face it until I've had a good sleep.

Sunday: The Hobbit

Next week, The Return Of The Marking.


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