May. 31st, 2010 01:52 pm
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Spidermonkey's blood tests came back normal about the same time as he came back from Norfolk with slight sunburn and without one flip flop, most of the tent pegs, and the inner part of the tent. (We hope the tent is with his friend, B. Not to bothered about the rest of it.)
It sounds as though they had a good time in total chaos. It was lucky Spider, M and A had our 4-person family tent, because J and B were supposed to be sharing J's one-man tent, but it blew away (J forgot to pack tent pegs), so they all ended up piled into our one. They managed to cook noodles and pasta (though not to the standards of M, whose mum is Italian), and discovered that spam really is that disgusting. They walked miles and miles (extra miles because they got lost rather a lot), but they made it to their destinations with time to spare, avoided getting caught in the hail, and even managed to buy chips before they had to get the bus home.

Squirelmonkey's broken trumpet has had a temporary fix and his teacher will take it away for a proper mend after half term. Thank heaven it's hired from--and insured by--Cambridgeshire Music Service. I just hope the music service is still there next year. I know many councils cut theirs right out of existence long ago.

After all that, we weren't going to manage an early get away to Sussex on Saturday morning. We left at 11 and got caught in hideous Bank Holiday traffic. 4 hours for a 2 hour journey. But there was a lovely seafood lunch waiting when we got there, and a Sunday walk over the Downs to the Trevor Arms in Glynde. I'd lost faith in Harvey's best bitter after finding it quite average at the beer festival, but it still tastes fantastic in Sussex. (Pity they'd left the running of the kitchen to a bunch of well-intentioned, but clueless 15 year-olds.) Oh, and we spent Saturday night watching Dr Who and Eurovision. I don't often see Spider totally gobsmacked, but I don't think he'd known adults could willingly embarrass themselves to that extent. Especially Moldova. (Though we quite liked Turkey, kinda. They had proper guitars.)

The drive home was easy, and the kitties proudly displayed a wide range of prey they'd slain in the garden and dragged in through the cat flap on Saturday: a Very Special Stick, and a black rubber bit from a bike light fitting. Thanks to [ profile] la_marquise_de for kitty feeding and cat flap curfew. Then Humbug found the catnip mouse we brought back for them. Humbug really likes catnip.

We slept in till 11 this morning. Will poddle down to the allotment later, but mostly plan to do nothing/watch South Park/play with kittens.

By the way, did you know there is a website called 'Maths Is Fun' where you can play shoot'em up games and watch a bazillion streamed episodes of South Park, at school in the Learning Centre without interference from the net nanny? (Although you do have to be careful in case less web savvy kids spot you and think you are actually going to Maths sites, and having fun.)
No, I didn't know either, and I'm stating for the record that neither of the teen monkeys knows a thing about it. But their knowledge of South Park is scarily encyclopaedic.
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Sadly, we won't make it to my mum's for Lewes Bonfire Night and Pope Burning this year. But it's a good date to post this photo of a different kind of Lewes explosion, from when we visited in the summer.


It's not just that Lewes people like to blow things up (which they do). The local NCP-run parking scheme is enough to bring out violent tendencies even in peacefully car-hating monkeys like me. (I approve of Cambridge's fierce parking enforcement, for goodness sake!)

In Lewes, with no spaces reserved for residents, and far too few to go round anyway, the NCP has chosen to put the meters in what would otherwise be parking spaces. Each one occupies rather more space than a badly-parked SUV, and is surrounded by bollards just at bumper level. They are understandably unpopular with locals, who--did I mention?--like their explosives. Rockets have been inserted.  Hence the stickers.

Last time we attended Bonfire, the parking meters were all locked away in sheet-metal jackets...

I heard rumours that NCP are losing the contract, but I don't really know.


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