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When you've just shaken off a three-day headache after only 2 days, it's not a good day for an eye test and contact lens check up.  Now, is this day 1 of a new headache, or the last day of the old one?

On the other hand, squirrel is feeling much better.  He sat his English Language yesterday and was probably less than his usual sharp self.  (He wouldn't normally forget to sign off properly when writing a letter.)  But he can afford to drop a few marks in English.  With any luck, he should now be back to normal for his main exams next week and after.
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Stress-inducing without actually being interesting...

This morning was spidermonkey's official assessment for Disabled Student Allowance.  Sounds as though it went well.  He will finally get software that is actually useful to him rather than being kindly told that he can use Word to write his Further Maths papers if that would be helpful. (It isn't.)  At last, DSA gives him access to funding and the expertise of someone who knows which e-pen is best for equations! (Of course, the govt have announced they will stop most of this for next year's uni starters...)  I've already linked to a petition about that.

Meanwhile, squirrelmonkey has come down with a virus just as his exams are starting.  There's only one exam this week, and he'll probably be well enough to dose up on ibuprofen and do his best.  Spoke to school exam officer who says that's the thing to do but she will also send a letter to the exam board to ask for special consideration, but first she needs a letter from the GP.  GP does not want to see patients with viruses who do not need treatment but squirrel can see the Common Ailments Nurse tomorrow and she can write the letter.  But first she needs a letter from the school to request the letter to the school.  School has gone very quiet....  Oh, and it'll cost us 16 quid.

I ought to be marking, but I'm going to watch Le Hobbit (yes, in French - surprisingly good dub) with Squirrel by way of A Little Light Revision...

ow shiny

Aug. 12th, 2013 06:43 pm
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Foot still hurts though much less than over the weekend.I can move rooms without preliminary planning or painkillers but will not be leaving house for a while. On the plus side I have a new tablet to play with as I sit with my feet up. Know any good free games? I already have fallen London and bubbles...


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