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I'm on my own today with another medical translation, but taking time off for this and perhaps more.  Anyone want to join me?  It would be nice to have company.
Miranda is fun, and so are the texts she's talking about.  She's also battling at the moment to convince admissions that people do not always flee when they hear the word 'medieval', so support for the talk would help a good cause.

Where wolf? Sidgwick Site
When snake women? 1pm

Where other monkeys?  Birmingham uni open day and Comic Con.
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By way of a break from writing up my final TMA for the Unreal University's creative writing course, here's one I wrote earlier, the 'life writing' assignment.
Lessons learned:
1. Life writing is not biography. Anything that looks even a bit like an essay will get a fail. (A pity, because I can turn out essays in my sleep.) What's wanted is lots of vivid, present tense, wow!, in-teh-moment stuff.
2. Monkey does not like life writing.
3. But at least you don't have to write about yourself.

This one is too much like fiction. But I've been let off with a warning as long as I don't do it again. I could object that it's based on real historical research, and all the incidents actually happened. But then someone might notice that there's no hard evidence that my narrator actually existed.

Read the story... )

Like the rest so far, this scored within 2% of the 80% mark. So someone is being consistent, but I'm not sure if it's me or my tutor.
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Today is the Feast of Saint "Doubting" Thomas the Apostle. (According to Got Medieval, the Catholic Church has therefore set this day aside for thinking "Holy crap, is it really almost Christmas again? Surely not!")

A healthy dose of doubt is a wonderful thing.  What will you be doubting today?

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio
The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio
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Just had an email from a fellow of Balliol College who wants to read my thesis for her current research. Considering the thesis was finished in 1992 and I've been totally out of the field ever since, I reckon this is pretty amazing.

I haz a reader! Go me!

Actually, I appear to have what could almost be called a very tiny cult following. For which I thank Simon Gaunt, who recced me in his megablockbuster (by medieval French studies standards), Gender and Genre.

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From the wonderful Got Medieval, take a look at these pics of valiant and sophisticated monkeys fighting off a besieging army of incompetent foxes.

There's also a link to a monkey poop throwing game but I'm too grown up to try it out.  I have marking to do.

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Think you know Carmina Burana?  Not sure of your Latin?

See it here with visuals and English subtitles. 

(Make sure you have the sound on.)   Highly educational.  Who knew they had canned tuna in 13th-century Bavaria?  Or push-up bras?

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