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I have moaned in the past about noisy student neighbours. This year, we have lovely student neighbours. They actually study!

But some fool of a hobbit must have dropped a stone down a drain at about 9 last night. You know: thud, thud thud, thud-THUD... It appears to be in the downstairs back room of the student house. No obvious cause, though best guess is something to do with the heating.

It went on ALL NIGHT, driving monkeys and students mad. (Well, luckily not the teen monkeys, whose rooms are away from that wall.) Even the kittens--who never seemed to mind the music and shouting last year--wouldn't go in the bedroom. By 5 this morning we'd all given up on sleep in both houses and were in the kitchens on the back, where you could hardly hear it. It stopped at about 8am. Hopefully because the landlord has found and fixed it?

As far as I know, last year's crap drummer isn't dead. So how come he's haunting us?
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Big change: [livejournal.com profile] musique_monkey has a new job. Wheee! And some time at home before it starts. Double wheee!

On the other hand, poor Spidermonkey is ill again/still. Aches, pains temperature, misery, throwing up... The throwing up seems to be due to the antibiotics he started yesterday. He's now on different ones and not actually throwing up (yet). We're all hoping he gets well in time for us to go on holiday a week today, and stays well this time! At least it doesn't appear to be anything serious, more a case of one damned thing after another, but we await (more) test results...

Squirrelmonkey had fun in France and is starting the school hols by ripping every CD he can lay his hands on so he can keep his not-Pod fully loaded all summer.

I had fun with L--lots of food, good company, DVDs, and Shakespeare (Taming of the Shrew in St John's College garden).

And our student neighbours are celebrating their last week in the house with multiple parties and apparently putting up all their friends who no longer have rooms in hall. It's loud, but only for a few more days, and my new, girly earplugs are great. Just so long as they can manage a tiny bit of consideration and keep the noise on the front where it won't wake sick Spidermonkey. And I can look forward to watching them trying to clean up next week--more work than they've probably done in years.


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