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Have just found and ordered a set like the ones he had before from here.  These are what Action on Hearing Loss used to sell before they switched supplier.  A bit pricey due to ordering from US, but really not too bad as they do free international postage :)  So the problem is pretty much solved now though I'm always happy to gather knowledge for another time if anyone has suggestions, especially on feasibility of assembling custom headphones. If that something we could do ourselves with a bit of kit - Spider being good with wiring and hands?

Please can anyone help me buy or build something so Spider can listen to music happily?

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Does anyone know of somewhere I could still buy the old version with a hook and a proper earbud that goes inside his ear?

Or would it be possible to modify the ones from Action by replacing the flat earpiece with an earbud from another set of headphones?

I'm willing to buy several headphones or pay extra for work as it means a lot to him. He loves music and he liked the old headset so much it almost made up for being deaf in one ear. Not having it any more is making him sad.
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New York Times: "Japanese Operator says it will Scrap Four Reactors at Plant"

Deutsche Welle: "Tepco may be able to keep two reactors running"

Compare and contrast the underlying assumptions about newsworthiness and nuclear safety.

Mathematicians may prefer to calculate how many of the six reactors are how far up shit creek and express this as a percentage, or a probability, or something else beginning with P. Possibly a pie chart.
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Squirrelmonkey has LOTS of questions. This one is lasting longer than most. Any answers or comments for him?

Is it possible, either in practice or purely theoretically, to drive so fast that speed cameras can't catch you?

It partly depends on how speed cameras work, which we don't know. Do they bounce radar off the cars, or detect light coming from the cars, or what? If the car was travelling at lightspeed, would it outrun the detector beam? Or would it still be detected but impossible to photograph?

Geeky thoughts welcome. Anything with equations will be routed directly  to the maths monkeys without passing through my brain.
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I'd been planning to go on the electoral reform demo in London this Saturday, but...

Now that the Lib-Con coalition is real and setting out policies, it looks to me as though they're already promising all we could reasonably expect re voting reform. So if they're already saying the right things, and it's too early to judge them on what they do, then what would the demo be meant to achieve?

Does this mean I can stay at home after all? Or am I just finding excuses because I could really, really use a quiet weekend?

Thoughts please!
But just on pointfulness or otherwise of the demo, please, and whether you're going. I don't have the time or energy to get into what we all think about the not-so-shiny new government today.)

Added at 11.00
The school phoned at 10.15.  Spider has come down with a stomach lurgy.  He's at home now, looking pale and feeling terrible.  Quiet weekend it is, then.  But I'd still like to hear what others are thinking/doing.
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Spidermonkey's birthday is coming up, so I need a weird and wonderful cake/pie recipe. Can anyone help? This is for a normal-sized family cake. I'll do a big chocolate guitar shaped thing later when his friends come round, but I have a recipe for that already. What I need is an interesting yet yummy cake to eat on the day--emphasis on yummy rather than novelty presentation. Spider is very adventurous with food, so suggest away. It doesn't have to look like a birthday cake. US Thanksgiving foods welcome. (Why yes, I have been reading penknife's poll.)

Spider likes:
moist, gooey, sticky cake,
carrot cake
hot chocolate
weird evil-looking food
really fancy-looking food
things he hasn't tried before
(last time he asked for a Nigella Lawson recipe where you boil up whole clementines for hours to make a gooey syrupy cake thing--it was good)

He's not so keen on
(not a problem in subtle quantities, but don't feature as main ingredients, please)

I can cope with:
hunting down strange ingredients
small amounts of alcohol in recipe
US, UK or metric units

Things I cannot cope with:
piped icing/frosting
complicated finishing touches just before serving
ingredients with US brand names and no description to help me substitute
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For entirely respectable educational purposes, I'd likd to show this video, or a version of it to my OU students. (As an example of different ways of presenting science.)

But one of the schools I teach at has decided to filter the whole of youtube. ("You understand, we're a school, we have to keep these things out.") While I think this is mind-blowingly stupid of them, it's not something I can change. Is there a way I can get the video onto a memory stick, or, better still, into my OU 'my stuff' space, or anywhere else where Norwich educators would feel it was safe to allow access?

If your advice involves getting down and techy, I won't understand, but [profile] musique_monkey probably will, so that's OK.

Edited to add:
I won't have access to the computers at the school until about 10 minutes before the students start arriving.
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Squirrel has not found his PE shirt, but has lost his English folder.

While looking for these, he found Spider's PE bag (under a chair in the maths room). On inspection at home, this turned out to contain
  • tracksuit bottoms belonging to 'Emily Dutton'
  • PE shirt belonging to 'JOL'
But absolutely none of
  • Spider's brand new tracksuit bottoms (named)
  • Spider's brand new jumper (named)
  • Spider's shorts (named)
  • Spider's shirt (named and logoed)

Emily and JOL, I'm very sorry. Spider is back at school now, putting your kit in lost property and trying to find some of his own. I reckon we can pick up a horrible smelly, nameless shirt from the piles on the floor of the changing room, and there's a pair of scuzzy, too-small tracksuit bottoms he can go back to wearing. Or he can do PE in his underwear on Parker's Piece. 

But what on earth can I do to get his kit back and keep it back? I put in an hour last week chasing down the two remaining items (now gone with the rest). He can't afford to pay for new kit, but I'm considering docking his pocket money by a few pence per missing item per week. Or do I just accept that the school lets everyone wear anyone's kit, so my disorganised child will always have the last item off the floor on any given day?

He found the jumper.  Now he's not talking to me because I suggested perhaps he shouldn't take his guitar into school until he's shown he can take care of less valuable items.


Oct. 3rd, 2009 09:51 am
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Squirrelmonkey has lots of questions. This is today's.

How big/heavy would a sponge have to be to crush a person? Is it physically possible?

He knows sponges don't grow that big. He's wondering about mass and gravity and squidgeyness.

Thoughts, anyone? Please?
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New Scientist asks,
Did the Romans destroy Europe's HIV resistance?

And, if so, did they do it with cats, mosquitoes, or donkeys?

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I really don't want to get caught in the controversy about whether  the purple rhino virtual gift is a Good Idea.  (I try to steer clear of the really world-shattering issues.)  But I'm puzzled.

What is this "forgotten" symbol of the Gay Rights Movement? 
Why have I never heard about it until now?  Ignorance?  Britishness?  (Rhinos failed to swim the Atlantic?)
Who thought it would make an inspiring symbol for gay people?
Why a rhino?
Is this all a wind up?
Why purple?

Is there any connection to the Purple Cow Poem?

And, finally... why?

Please help if you can!


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