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It has long been theorized that the week prior to an exam is an extremely dangerous time for the relatives of college students.

An alarming piece of research with relevance to both my work and my family: grandmonkeys are advised to sit down and take a couple of statins before reading the full paper.

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This week has been mostly An Unexpected Job.  Have just finished draft of Dullest Translation Ever.  Thought it was going to be conference abstracts, but it turned out to be nothing but glossed up CVs of the contributors plus opening and closing speeches.  Now I have to do the bilingual proofread, which is dull at the best of times.  Cannot face it until I've had a good sleep.

Sunday: The Hobbit

Next week, The Return Of The Marking.
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It's marking time for the first assignment again.

Requests for extension made before the cut-off date: 1
Assignments not submitted by cut-off date with no explanation: 1
Emails within 1 week or less of cut-off asking why they haven't had their work back yet, politely answered to explain that I get 2 weeks marking time: 5.

In a normal year, that would be more like 5: 5: 1.  Wonder if it's anything to do with tripled tuition fees?
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Thought I'd post this because the monkey family has been close to the sharp end and reports in the media don't seem to make things clear.  I have no personal axe to grind because Spider managed to pass even with all the problems this year, so he's alright Jack and off to do Science A-Levels.  (In fact, he did great.  Yay! Spider! \o/\o/\o/)  But what happened to others is still unfair. 

Behind a cut to spare those who don't have to care about British school exams... )

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It's Spidermonkey's 16th birthday! Yay!
And the Monkey Academy is closed today due to the teachers' strike :) I'm on strike too, though I have no teaching or marking today in any case.  I could go an join the demo on Parker's Piece, but in fact I've set my work email to strike auto respond, musique_monkey has taken a day's holiday and we're going to treat Spider to a very posh lunch.  I dread to think what the tabloids would make of this disgraceful behaviour, but it's not every day school closes for you 16th birthday.

First though, we're off to the Kelsey Kerridge climbing wall.  He has new climbing shoes and is finally old enough to register in his own right instead of having to drag me along to 'supervise'.  In fact, he can supervise Squirrelmonkey.

On a side note, has Runescape joined the public sector and gone on strike?  I'm very unimpressed that it takes Jagex '3-7 working days' to process a paypal payment that's already gone out of my account, and that they don't tell you that until after you've paid.  Squirrel wanted to give Spider 3 months of membership but waited until this morning so none of it would be wasted.  Well that worked.
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Please send bike-hastening and dead-poet-appeasing vibes at 8pm tonight.
Here's why... )

It would also be helpful if you could wish for nobody to break a string, and for Spider to refrain from chewing gum on stage in front of the Headteacher like he did last year.


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