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This week has been mostly An Unexpected Job.  Have just finished draft of Dullest Translation Ever.  Thought it was going to be conference abstracts, but it turned out to be nothing but glossed up CVs of the contributors plus opening and closing speeches.  Now I have to do the bilingual proofread, which is dull at the best of times.  Cannot face it until I've had a good sleep.

Sunday: The Hobbit

Next week, The Return Of The Marking.
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I have a rush translation: a lecture given in 1846 to the Berlin physikalische Gesellschaft about eye muscles in birds.  I am puzzled:
Why, after 166 years, is it too urgent to keep past Monday?
Also, just why?

But it's interesting: eagle owls, cassowaries (that may be emus), bisected eyeballs, orbits, and geometry...

Anyway, normal human communication, or my best approximation of it, will be resumed after Monday.


Nov. 4th, 2011 07:06 pm
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For today, anyway. 2,100 words about hare population dynamics in Baden-W├╝rttenberg translated from German to English. It's been a slog of a day, but now all I have to do at the weekend is sort out some inconsistencies, figure out what a 'Formzahl' is, and check the thing through.

The author should have been shortlisted for an IgNobel. Who'd have thought that hare density is inversely correlated with fox density and positively correlated to the available hare noms in the locality?

All done!

Jul. 9th, 2010 11:17 am
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Translation finished and sent off before the deadline (though not before the 'where is it?' email). I can now forget all about the correct order of draw for blood samples. Woo hoo!

Even better, Spider seems to be perking up a bit, probably more from rest than from antibiotics, which haven't had much chance to work yet. We'll have a nice quiet day, some of it watching strange dvds with [livejournal.com profile] la_marquise_de_ . Yay!

Bugger! The documents seem to be stuck in cyberspace. It's only a 400K Word file and a couple of teeny files. Am sending again with crossed fingers...
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Back from the doctor. Spider definitely has a urinary infection and probably has had it for weeks, but it was masked by the gastric thing. He's on antibiotics with instructions to take it very easy until the end of the weekend, so will only be popping into school intermittently for the bits that really matter--English GCSE assessments and guitar lessons.

By the way, how cool is it that his first English GCSE assessment is a Barak Obama speech? He has to explain the ways Obama engages with his audience.

In the meantime, my translation has progressed, um... not at all. Unless you count watching the nurse take blood from Spidermonkey as background research. She did better than a lot of the nurses in the study because she labelled containers and disposed of sharps correctly. But she didn't invert the samples at all, let alone the correct number of times. Neither did any of the nurses in the study. Has anyone ever seen a nurse invert a blood sample? Clearly it doesn't matter very much.

I'm not in any way complaining about the nurse, mind. She is completely wonderful! Because Spider is 14, he's supposed to go to the phlebotomy clinic at the hospital to have blood taken. (Take an number, wait for 4 hours, do not leave to buy a snack...) She bravely agreed to do him anyway since he's bigger, more sensible, and has easier veins than a lot of adult patients. So we had an extra 15 mins at the surgery rather than spending the rest of the useful day in Addenbrookes. Thank you, Maureen!
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Spidermonkey, having been well for almost a week, is now ill again. He's at home waiting to see the Dr.later this morning, after which we'll know more.

medical stuff behind the cut... )

It's lucky I'd got well ahead with the translation. Nearly posted last night to gloat about getting over 5,000 words drafted in a day and a half--minus time for taking Spider to orthodontist. All I have to do today is clean up the draft and do the bilingual proofread. (That's the bit where I go through both languages sentence by sentence to see where I've left out little things like the word 'not'. Sometimes I find whole paragraphs that got missed.) I was thinking it would be a light day's work with time over to relax.

busy week

Jul. 6th, 2010 12:49 pm
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On Friday morning I was offered and accepted an urgent translation. The client promptly disappeared 'out of office' without actually confirming the go-ahead with the agency. Until this morning--Tuesday. That's four whole days wasted, but I only get one extra day to deliver. Because it's urgent.

I'll be done by Friday, by which time I should be even more expert on the importance of preanalytical audits in medical testing. And possibly in need of a stiff drink.
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Proof that trained monkeys translate better than babelfish.

To be fair, the German text there is exactly the same nonsense as the English.
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Work website text:
We very much regret that VLE users have been experiencing difficulties and poor performance recently, and these are continuing today. The ongoing investigation of the problems of non-availability and slowness show a number of factors are involved. We are working to restore a full and reliable service as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Presumed source text:
As usual, it's either down or crap. You wouldn't believe how many bugs there are! We'll try to cobble together something that keeps it going, but don't expect miracles.

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zil trail

Zil went this way. She has a flea.

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Think you know Carmina Burana?  Not sure of your Latin?

See it here with visuals and English subtitles. 

(Make sure you have the sound on.)   Highly educational.  Who knew they had canned tuna in 13th-century Bavaria?  Or push-up bras?

Posted by
[personal profile] buboniclou on [profile] medievalstudies.  I had to nick it.
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Mostly work update.  Will set up filters one day, promise...

On the downside, celebrations of end of Open University marking year were rudely interrupted by The Student Who Sent Me Four Assignments Two Weeks After the Final Deadline.  (There are only 6 compulsory assignments for the whole year!)  He does have considerable "Additional Requirements",  but since he has refused all contact since June, I had kind of assumed he'd dropped out.  I'm glad he got his act together and finished the course, but I could really do without the last-minute extra work.

On the upside, I've been up to my elbows in paint - whle listening to "Rogues Gallery "courtesy of [personal profile] tamaranth - and we now have a mostly green and cream shower room.  This is a big improvement on the previous decor, which combined chipboard, bare plaster, and filth.  (Two years after moving into this house, I'm still looking for a plausible explanation of why one of the previous occupants nailed lumps of blutack to the walls.)

On the weird side, this passage from a recent translation job:
It is possible to massage the urethra carefully, first extruding the penis and inserting the little finger through the rectum. As a rule, this procedure will require the cat to be sedated or anaesthetised.  I think it's "as a rule" that makes it really special. 

This is now officially the most disturbing sentence I've translated, easily displacing this previous winner, which came from a German forensic report.  (It helps if you read it in a B-movie Nazi accent.)
Skin, flesh and bone have very little impact on a bullet travelling at speed.


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