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Three Sumatran tigers born at London Zoo.  So much nicer than marking.

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I see no reason to celebrate the death of a senile old lady.

I would love to celebrate the death of Thatcherism, as opposed to Thatcher, but we've had a decade of a Labour party too scared to challenge the notion that profit is the only value worth measuring, and now Cameron (and Wossname) taxing bedrooms, privatising the NHS and destroying equal oppportunity in education while giving tax cuts to the rich.

Yes, I've been listening to Elvis Costello

but I don't care if this or Ding Dong or bloody Justin Bieber gets to number 1.  What would that change if we don't have politicians willing to stand up and say that some things are worth paying tax to fund, and voters willing to elect them?

The witch cast a long shadow and we are still living in it.
(Though I suppose it's bleakly cheering that at least Iain Banks gets to outlive her.)

Video stars

Feb. 4th, 2011 12:04 pm
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Spidermonkey is off school with the flu. So to embarrass him cheer him up, here's a video of his old band, Late Start.

They reformed by special invitation for two days in September so the Creative Arts and Media Diploma class could make videos of them. Spider wishes to make it clear that he is in no way responsible for the visuals, and that includes the wig. For those who don't know him well, he's the tall guitarist and this was before the great haircut.

There's another one too: Down in the Ground.
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Am off to have a drink now, but I had to share this.

We reckon Humbug might be up for this when he's a few years older.


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