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4 apes, 2 cats. the tortoise moved out but we have frogs in the greenhouse and garden critters

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Birthdate:Mar 5
I live in Cambridge, England with two sons, one husband (musique_monkey), two kittens, and one tortoise (summer only - winter he buries himself under the garden). The kittens have their own LJ: themonkeycats. (The original monkey cats, Zil and Fruitcake, are sadly no longer with us, but their blog lives on at zil_n_fruitcake.)

I teach Arts and French for the Open University, and also do freelance translation of French and German - mostly bizarre technical texts, but also some literature, music, and all sorts.

The rest of the time I'm looking after the kids, writing, cooking, reading, wasting time on LJ, or doing up our house, a Victorian terrace that was a complete wreck when we bought it in 2005. It's still half a wreck now.

Previously, I've been a secondary school teacher and a PhD student. I even have a thesis on the Old French Fabliaux to prove it. Eager readers, please form an orderly queue.

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