Apr. 1st, 2014 02:13 pm
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More evidence that grading criteria are getting fuzzier:
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Off to Norwich today so it really must be autumn.  4 hours travel for 2 hours of teaching, but I enjoy working with my colleague there, travel is paid for, I get a lot done on the train, and the whole thing means I have zero preparation to do for running the same tutorial on my own with a Cambridge group the next evening.  So it's not as inefficient as it sounds.

This year for the first time I'm also teaching a course on English for Academic Purposes, but that one is entirely online - luckily since my group is in Bristol.

busy busy

May. 23rd, 2013 10:42 am
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I somehow have another translation - somebody's business is picking up out there, or maybe it's just the aftermath of everyone making their in-house translators redundant.  Got to get it done before half term and EMA marking.

I keep saying I'll have free time in another week or so, and it still looks like that, but who knows.  If the translations keep coming, I should grab them while they're there and I'm not busy with Unreal Uni work.  On the other hand it would be nice to see friends...  I do plan to get to the beer fest for lunch either today or, more likely, tomorrow.

So I'd better get back to that German medical report.

In other news, Speedy if grateful for all the offers and inquiries, of which he's had many here and elsewhere.  He'll be making his decision over the weekend, if he's not too cold to think.
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This week has been mostly An Unexpected Job.  Have just finished draft of Dullest Translation Ever.  Thought it was going to be conference abstracts, but it turned out to be nothing but glossed up CVs of the contributors plus opening and closing speeches.  Now I have to do the bilingual proofread, which is dull at the best of times.  Cannot face it until I've had a good sleep.

Sunday: The Hobbit

Next week, The Return Of The Marking.
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Leicester is out of his cage!  In fact, he's been out for several hours a day of room 'rest' with the quote marks around rest getting more emphatic every day.  Today he went for his final vet check and now has permission to roam the house at will.  Thankfully we are no longer supposed to stop him running or jumping.  This is good because it has become impossible to keep up with him enough to stop anything.  No outdoors yet.  Vet says to think about that after at least 2 weeks.  She says we should let him out either when we're confident he's learned how to use his revised skeleton sensibly or when the stuff he's doing indoors gets so crazy that it seems safer to let him out.  Please don't tell him the second one.  He is the kind of cat who normally climbs the curtains if stuck in on a rainy day...  

The two cats are friends again and back to curling up and washing each other, though there was the usual hissing from Humbug again today when Leicester came back smelling of vet.  Leicester in Top Cat again and has been for some time.  He gets first pick of the fudz and places to sit.  I think Hum is quite relieved.

Sorry I've not been around much.  My left hand is full of RSI originally from all-day hedge-trimming session in July and now back, so I'm trying not to type more than I have to.  But now doing much better on mega painkillers with physio so hopeful it will actually get fixed well enough to go away and stay away this time.  Also I have been painting the shower room--not as daft as it sounds because it's 95% right hand work--and dealing with the various courses I teach all getting into active mode.  Still loving the new house.


Nov. 4th, 2011 12:31 pm
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Anyone want to see Purcell's Dido and Aeneas performed by Cambridge Youth Opera (monkey boys in the chorus!) on Mon or Tue evening at St Mary's School?
I shall be going with [ profile] tamaranth on Monday. [ profile] musique_monkey and assembled grandmonkeys will be there on Tuesday. Tickets of the door or prebooked by me if you can let me know by tomorrow.

Other than that, I shall be out of circulation. It's marking time again so, of course, I have an urgent translation. Brown hare poplutation fluctuations in the Federal Republic of Germany, since you don't ask.

And Spider has a crazily busy week next week--Dido is just the start. He has 3 separate subjects of GCSE exams on Thursday, in different locations! Plus a 6th form open evening and two (simultaneous) revision workshops, not that he'll have a chance to get to those, but it's the thought that counts...
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I find this phrase from a student essay is pure poetry:

the seemingly number of endless roundabouts.

Doesn't that perfectly convey the feeling of befuddled alienation you get when driving round Milton Keynes?

Lots of them are writing about Milton Keynes because it's one of the examples of places that might be considered sacred. Yes, really. It has ley lines, and streets aligned on solstice sunrise/sunset. Really. (It's in the course materials, admitedly without the bits about Satan and Heathrow airport, but I thought you'd like to have those too.)

It's a pity the assignment is Religious Studies and not Creative Writing because I'd love to be able to reward him for that.
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That lunchtime music thing featuring Squirrelmonkey and Musique_monkey: now with added Spidermonkey playing gypsy violin!  All three monkey boys in one free gig--how can you resist? 

Framing shop news.
1. Spider looks very grown up standing behind a counter. [ profile] bugshaw  snuck a look too and can confirm this.
2. Mondays are quiet. The only big spender was the tattooed bloke ordering a massive gold frame for his A1 size portrait of... Adolf Hitler. Yes, really. At least, I think so. Unless someone is pulling someone's leg, which is always a possibility...
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Phew! All monkeys are currently well (touching wood).

Spider is taking Year 10 exams we had no idea were coming, so pretty busy between that, catching up work missed when ill, and preparing for a violin grade exam next week. He is 178cm and 52kg (the same weight as when he was 170cm).* I'm cooking lots of puds and cakes to fatten him up. It's working up to a point--I've put on 4kg.

Squirrel and Musique continue fairly smoothly with school and work. Spider being ill didn't put them too far behind. The monkeycats are Big. Also Furry. Humbug has formed a bond with the mat in our shower room. He lies on in for hours. When we need to close the shower room at night (to keep the bedroom dark and quiet, we just drag the mat across the vinyl floor and into the bedroom. Hummy doesn't even bother to sit up.

I've caught up with my new course preparation (now a whole 2 chapters ahead of the students!) and am getting caught up with marking (Benin bronzes). I'm waiting to see if I've got a German medical translation. If I don't get it, there should be a more detailed update with photos soon. If I get the translation, no update, but I will earn some money...

*That's a BMI of 16.5. I just checked. :-0
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Big change: [ profile] musique_monkey has a new job. Wheee! And some time at home before it starts. Double wheee!

On the other hand, poor Spidermonkey is ill again/still. Aches, pains temperature, misery, throwing up... The throwing up seems to be due to the antibiotics he started yesterday. He's now on different ones and not actually throwing up (yet). We're all hoping he gets well in time for us to go on holiday a week today, and stays well this time! At least it doesn't appear to be anything serious, more a case of one damned thing after another, but we await (more) test results...

Squirrelmonkey had fun in France and is starting the school hols by ripping every CD he can lay his hands on so he can keep his not-Pod fully loaded all summer.

I had fun with L--lots of food, good company, DVDs, and Shakespeare (Taming of the Shrew in St John's College garden).

And our student neighbours are celebrating their last week in the house with multiple parties and apparently putting up all their friends who no longer have rooms in hall. It's loud, but only for a few more days, and my new, girly earplugs are great. Just so long as they can manage a tiny bit of consideration and keep the noise on the front where it won't wake sick Spidermonkey. And I can look forward to watching them trying to clean up next week--more work than they've probably done in years.
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Musicmonkey is in Colorado all week trying to make 3D geometry software look exciting.

Luckily, we are looking after [ profile] tamaranth's copy of Civilisation, which is doing a great job of entertaining the Not So Littles in his absence. It's 1880 and the Mongol Empire has nuclear weapons; the Not So Little Monkeys just invented the lighthouse and ships that don't get lost.

Granny and Grandpa Monkey will be in charge later in the week because I'm off to do French Speaking Test examining (and laze around with [ profile] tamaranth) in sunny East Grinstead. I fear I'll come home to find all four of them huddled over the laptop, engrossed in a space race against the Aztecs.

Right. Time for the weekly nit check. (The Monkey House: headlouse free since July 2008!) Then homework, lunch, and off to town to shop for guitar straps.


Jul. 25th, 2008 02:36 pm
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Lots of good stuff lately

Spidermonkey went on a school trip to Paris and Normandy.  Came back with lots of new goth accessories obtained by haggling (in English) under the Eiffel Tower.  But used his French to order a pizza at Parc Astérix, so that's OK.

Squirelmonkey passed his Grade 1 cornet exam with Merit.  He scored 20 out of 21 for scales and arpeggios, which has to be borderline robotic, but in a good way.

The busking stall at the school summer fair reached new highs - or possibly lows -  with Spider and several friends returning from Big School to play a mean guitar gig.  They lack a singer, but Squirrelmonkey did a fine job of Green Day's American Idiot with no rehearsal, while Musicmonkey stunned the crowd with his Anarchy in the UK.  It's not ever day you see a middle-aged punk straining to read the lyrics from a printout in front of a crowd of waist high pogo-ers.  The cool guitar players coped splendidly.

We're off to France soon for ten days camping in Brittany - or further south if the weather is cold.

And I have a new (part time) job!  More of which in a friends-locked post.
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Nothing exciting really: life has been carrying on pretty smoothly.  But for those who want more detail…




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